Net-Inspect and Capvidia Announce Strategic Partnership

Posted on 27 Oct 2017 by Capvidia

This partnership will help reduce the amount of time involved to create a first article inspection report and improve the accuracy of the first article inspection report. These benefits can be fully realized throughout customers’ supply chains...


Capvidia makes Model-Based Definition a practical reality for Creo users

Posted on 23 May 2017 by Capvidia

In a panel otherwise comprised of experts from Raytheon and TE Connectivity, Campbell brought a unique perspective: that of an industry vendor dedicated to making Model-Based Definition (“MBD”) a practical reality for Creo users.


A new methodology for simulating the human heart

Posted on 16 May 2017 by Capvidia

One of the initiative’s first, and most valuable, products is the SIMULIA Living Heart Human Model, a dynamic, anatomically detailed, finite-element (FE) model, representing the electrical and physical behavior of a four-chamber heart, with a...


Capvidia adds Pundit inspection simulation software to its product family

Posted on 03 Apr 2017 by Capvidia

Based in part on NIST-developed technology, and originally commercialized by MetroSage LLC, Pundit brought simulation to metrology, enabling quality engineers to identify and assess tolerance and measurement issues early in the product development...


Capvidia at NIST 2017 Model Based Enterprise Summit

Posted on 27 Mar 2017 by Capvidia

This year, Capvidia will demonstrate an array of technologies supporting MBE, including:


Power combined with speed!

Posted on 26 Jan 2017 by Capvidia

Finally, FlowVision is accessible for all existing maintenance subscribers and new users!


Capvidia and Siemens Partner to Promote Use of Model-Based Definition

Posted on 24 Jan 2017 by Capvidia

Capvidia has announced an expanded partnership with Siemens PLM Software, to extend the reuse of NX™ CAD software Model-Based Definition (MBD) data in manufacturing enterprises.

Siemens PLM Software has long been a leader in developing and...


Auto Generation of AS9102 First Article Inspection (FAI) Form in MBDVidia

Posted on 16 Aug 2016 by Capvidia

Leuven, Belgium, August 16, 2016 – Capvidia announces the release of MBDVidia 3.5, extended for metrology applications. MBDVidia opens all major native CAD data formats and supports fully annotated MBD models. Users can now access the PMI...


FormatWorks for SolidWorks-based CAM Products

Posted on 04 Apr 2016 by Capvidia

Building a CAM application on an existing and widely accepted CAD product offers a lot of advantages. This is the reason why leading CAM companies such as SolidCAM and Cimtronics (CAMWorks) have chosen SolidWorks as development platform. This...


Capvidia Solution Provides Validation for Aerospace Supplier

Posted on 04 Apr 2016 by Capvidia

Aero-Plastics, Inc in Renton, Washington is a leading supplier to the aerospace industry. They have been in business for over 50 years. They are a contract manufacturer specializing in CNC Machining and Injection Molding providing high quality,...