MBD Workflow & CAD Translation

  • MBD CAD Translation: Export to QIF & STEP AP242: CAD-neutral ISO-standard file formats. Support for Creo, Solidworks, NX, and CATIA.
  • Auto-generated Bill of Characteristics: For ballooning (2D, 3D, or both), FAI, PPAP, and other inspection planning workflows & reporting.
  • MBD Ready Check: Prepare, check, and heal your MBD data for downstream use in manufacturing and supply chain.
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Derivative CAD Validation & Revision Compare

  • 3D Translation Validation: Compare native, neutral, and derivative CAD files.
  • Boeing D6-51991 & DPD Approval: Pass DPD requirement validation for Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, ULA, Northrop Grumman, and more.
  • Engineering Change Orders: Manage ECO by comparing CAD revisions for intended and unintended changes.
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Industry Leaders Using Capvidia Software:


Why Capvidia?

CAD engineers & designers depend on Capvidia’s 26+ years of CAD software engineering experience to provide CAD translation & validation, especially pertaining to MBD and MBE as engineers, leaders, and companies transition from 2D drawings to 3D models with GD&T and other 3D annotations.

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    Frequently Asked

  • Which industries use Capvidia's software the most?


    Anyone who uses their CAD data downstream.

    Especially as they transition into Model-Based Enterprise / Industry 4.0 practices of having interoperable data from design to manufacturing.

    We serve aerospace and defense, automotive, medical, heavy industry, electronics, food processing, and others.

    If you're designing a product or tooling with CAD, we're here to serve you.

  • How does Capvidia help quality, design, and manufacturing engineers?

    MBE is often caught in a chicken-and-egg problem.

    Design engineers don’t want to spend time placing semantic PMI on their models, since nobody downstream would use it.

    But manufacturing and quality don’t have systems that can easily use semantic PMI, because design engineering isn’t using MBD.

    We help our users identify ways to break this cycle. By identifying some quick wins with MBE, we can help design and manufacturing get on the same page.

    Most importantly, improve department processes and the company bottom line.

  • How do I get my company transitioned from 2D to 3D?

    The transition from 2D drawings to 3D model is inevitable in the industry.

    But moving from the 2D world to the 3D world is a big challenge. How can a big process change be implemented, while at the same time trying to keep products flowing out the door?

    This is where Capvidia can help.

    We have worked with early MBE adopters in a wide range of industries to help identify the pilot projects and low-hanging fruit which will provide early ROI. Then keep building and building

  • How many companies have transitioned to MBD?

    According to a McKinsey report, about 70% of companies acknowledge digital manufacturing is a top priority.

    Capvidia has either provided software solutions or consulted about MBD pilot projects with Fortune 500 companies especially pertaining to digital manufacturing & design.

  • What's the ROI moving to MBD?

    In general, companies that completely buy into digital manufacturing & design see efficiency boost by 15-20%.

    On the ground floor, Capvidia participated in several studies and projects that prove MBD saves up to 80% in annotating, machining, and inspection, 81% reduction in CMM workflows, and 25% reduction for process time in measurement.

    Please ask us for more information.

  • Why is CAD translation & validation important?

    All data comes from multiple disparate sources from CAD to performance testing to manufacturing to consumer use and so on. 

    However, various companies, departments, partners, and personnel have their own systems thus creating fragmentation and interrupting the digital thread.

    Using MBD and having the CAD model as the "single source of truth" provides a path to the digital thread and twin. Using CAD translation & validation ensures your CAD model is interoperable (and accurate!) among all stakeholders. 



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Capvidia is more than software & services, we're about industry education. From learning the latest practices in Industry 4.0 or incorporating new subjects & skills relevant to your job, we're here to help.

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Capvidia focuses on true MBD workflows: 3D CAD translation & validation featuring MBD CAD with semantic PMI that is human & machine-readable for downstream use from design to manufacturing. 

With one single source of truth, interoperable data is shared among different teams, partners, and personnel with their current systems (CAD, CAM, CMM, etc.) powering automation, AI, and Big Data insights. 

We've been trusted for over 26 years pertaining to all things CAD software.

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