True MBD: Don't Wait For The Flood, Build The Ark First

Capvidia provides True MBD (model-based definition).

21st-century solutions need 21st-century technology. Model-based workflows are built for the era of automation, connectivity, and Big Data.

A 3D CAD model with semantic PMI (manufacturing & quality data) that is both human and machine readable empowers and connects all downstream applications in design, manufacturing, quality, and other departments.

Companies have trusted Capvidia in their MBD journey with pilot projects automating first article inspection, reducing time on CMM processes up to 80%, and saving time & money on scrap, rework or missed deadlines.

Whether it's dealing with legacy 2D to 3D data, CAD translation and validation, CMM uncertainty estimation, and other MBD/MBE processes, Capvidia is the reliable partner that impacts your product line and bottom line. 


MBD results lead to:


Bottom-line impact from work hours reduced to faster time to market.


Better Products:
Faster iteration & insights produced by interconnected workflow.


Better Data:
Collecting valuable data to enable automation, AI, and Big Data.

Our Leadership

Tomasz Luniewski

Tomasz Luniewski is the Founder and President at Capvidia. He has over 40 years of experience in CAD and CAE software and simulation.

Tomasz founded Capvidia after it was spun off from a joint software development project with Intel. Capvidia initially focused on CAD, CFD simulation, image recognition, and consulting, before refining its core concept to MBD/MBE workflows in the 21st century. 

Tomasz is also a board member of various IT companies and professional organizations across USA and Europe, and advises software engineering startups to international growth. He has consulted over 40 different companies.

Daniel Campbell, VP MBD
Daniel Campbell

Daniel Campbell is the VP of Model-Based Definition at Capvidia. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital metrology, software design, and MBD.

He helps Fortune 500 companies and their suppliers with digital transformation projects through 3D CAD translation & validation. The goal begins with the MBD CAD model itself as the single source of truth for all downstream applications.

Daniel is currently the Chair of the QIF Working Group, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC).

Victor Mikushin
VP Technology

Victor Mikushin is the VP of Technology at Capvidia. He has over 30 years of experience in CAD development, over 100 projects successfully completed, and numerous authorship in the field of technical and software CAD development.

He leads a worldwide team of best-in-class engineers building in-depth CAD software tools for empowering digital enterprise and industries through MBD and MBE.

Mr. Mikushin is a thought leader in the technical/ software CAD industry with participation in PDES, PDF, and QIF maturation. He was a key developer in QIF which is one of the leading MBD file formats today.

Our Core Competencies

MBD CAD Workflows:
  • Publish any CAD file into a neutral CAD file (standalone or CAD plugin).
  • View Bill of Characteristics for FAI and PPAP: auto assign balloon numbers, designate criticalities and track changes.
  • Make machine-readable PMI.
  • One-click automated inspection report for FAI, PPAP, and more to Excel and other forms.
  • PLM integration and measurement data harvesting, and digital twin.
MBD Derivative CAD Validation & Revision Comparison:
  • Validate derivatives from native model and compare changes in any two models.
  • DPD (Digital Product Definition) compliance & digitally certified reporting for Boeing D6-51991 and other standards.
  • Detect and mark any change on geometry, PMI, GD&T, 3D annotations, assembly structure, notes, and more
  • Engineering change management by comparing CAD revisions.
    Reuse validated CAD model downstream for other workflows.
CMM & Metrology: Measurement uncertainty simulation & automation
  • MBD-approach to CMM: eliminating transcription & interpretation errors while freeing up time.
  • Reliance on process over personnel: company-encoded design knowledge that is repeatable, rigorous and automated.
  • Universally accessible data that is mapped back to the design model.
MBD pilot project management
  • Personal leadership and guidance for initial MBD projects.
  • Delivering business case for MBD (ROI) through time and/or cost savings.
  • Latest in MBD education for training, process, and tools. 

Our Products

Standalone Products:
MBD CAD translation: 3D CAD + PMI
  • 3D CAD translation software to CAD neutral ISO formats.
  • Export to MBD CAD–STEP & QIF files–for easy downstream use in manufacturing and quality with PMI intact!
  • First Article Inspection (FAI), repair CAD data, and begin your MBD journey!
MBD CAD validation: Native & derivatives
  • 3D CAD validation software for many CAD file formats.
  • Derivative Validation & Revision Compare.
  • Boeing Spec D6-51991 DPD requirement validation & other compliance standards.
Pundit Square
Pundit CMM
Measurement uncertainty simulation
  • Inspection simulation software that calculates task-specific measurement for CMM measurements.
  • Identify potential issues before actual measurements are made or finalized product designs.
  • Meets ISO 17025 requirements.
CAD Plugins & Interfaces:

Export MBD-ready CAD files
from Creo: any version later than 3.

Export MBD-ready CAD files
from NX 11, 12, and all Continuous Release versions.

Export MBD-ready CAD files
from SolidWorks: any version.


Our Pilot Projects & Research

Testing the Digital Thread in Support of Model-Based Manufacturing and Inspection

Model-based approach saves up to 80% of hours spend in annotating, machine, and inspection. Delivered parts from eight months (drawing-based) to five weeks (model-based).

Companies & Date:

NIST, Honeywell Aerospace, Rockwell Collins, DMSC, and Capvidia. 2016.





CMM Automation from MBD: A Case Study of Optimized Model Based Inspection

81% reduction in CMM workflow from 16 hours traditional/manual to 3 hours MBD.

Companies & Date:

Raytheon and Capvidia. 2018


MBDVidia and MBDVidia for Creo



Extending the Model-Based Definition through MFIN- Automated Inspection Demo

97% reduction in CMM program generation from 5 hours to 10 mins.


4x reduction in measurement uncertainty.

Companies & Date:

Lockheed Martin, Rolls-Royce, Siemens, PTC, Purdue University, TechAzul, Materials Data Management, MxD, and Capvidia. 2019.


MBDVidia and Pundit CMM



Our Company History

  • 1994


  • 1996

    Software development project with Intel.

  • 2000

    First standalone product in CAD translation.

  • 2003

    SolidWorks partnership.

  • 2009

    CAD validation solution leading to Boeing D6-51991.

  • 2013

    MBD solutions: QIF and STEP AP242.

  • 2017

    MBD initiatives & projects expansion.

Company Address


1700 Post Oak Blvd #600c, Houston, TX 77056, USA
Phone: 1-832-280-8685


Technologielaan 3, 3001 Leuven, Belgium
Phone: +32 16 40 27 47


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Capvidia focuses on true MBD workflows: 3D CAD translation & validation featuring MBD CAD with semantic PMI that is human & machine-readable for downstream use from design to manufacturing. 

With one single source of truth, interoperable data is shared among different teams, partners, and personnel with their current systems (CAD, CAM, CMM, etc.) powering automation, AI, and Big Data insights. 

We've been trusted for over 26 years pertaining to all things CAD software.

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