MBD Workflow & CAD Translation
  • Publish any CAD file into neutral CAD file (QIF or STEP AP242) with standalone or plug-in options for SolidWorks, Creo, and NX.
  • MBD data for downstream use in manufacturing, quality, and supply chain.
  • PLM integration and measurement data harvesting-digital twin.
Digital Product Definition (DPD) Validation
  • Boeing D6-51991 supplier audit approval & other compliance standards including aerospace and auto.
  • Derivative model validation: confirm derivative models match the native source.
  • Obtain validation report that adheres to DPD compliance.
Bill of Characteristics & FAI Reporting
  • View Bill of Characteristics (BoC) for FAI and PPAP: auto assign balloon
    numbers, designate criticalities and track changes.
  • One-click automated inspection report to Excel and other forms.
  • MBD-based: automated and reliable.
CAD Revision Comparison
  • Compare different 3D-model-based revisions to detect intended & unintended changes.
  • Compare CAD geometry, GD&T, 3D annotations, assembly structure,
    notes, and more.
  • Reuse validated CAD model downstream for other workflows
MBD Pilot Project / Consultation
  • Industry leadership and guidance for initial MBD projects.
  • Delivering business case for MBD ROI through time and/or cost savings.
  • Latest in MBD education for training, process, and tools.
Measurement Uncertainty Simulation
  • Calculate task-specific measurement uncertainties for CMM measurements.
  • Identify potential issues before actual measurements are made and before product designs are finalized.
  • Identify gaps in the inspection process.
Auto Balloon 2D Drawings
  • Capture annotations from 2D engineering drawings.
  • Convert into machine-readable BoC for automated inspection planning, reporting, and workflows (AS9102, FAI, PPAP, etc.)
  • Publish to PDF, HTML, Excel, and Net-Inspect


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Capvidia focuses on true MBD workflows: 3D CAD translation & validation featuring MBD CAD with semantic PMI that is human & machine-readable for downstream use from design to manufacturing. 

With one single source of truth, interoperable data is shared among different teams, partners, and personnel with their current systems (CAD, CAM, CMM, etc.) powering automation, AI, and Big Data insights. 

We've been trusted for over 26 years pertaining to all things CAD software.

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