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HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, May 8, 2023-- International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI), a Wipro company, and Capvidia, renowned CAD/CAE data interoperability, validation, and migration solutions providers, have formed a strategic partnership.

The collaboration between the two companies provides specialized support to existing Fortune Global 500 customers in the manufacturing and their supply chain.

"The value of a transition to MBD is easy to establish but can be a tough journey. This alliance between MBE leaders will greatly benefit the end users implementing the digital thread.”— Daniel Campbell, VP MBD at Capvidia

By utilizing machine-readable manufacturing data, MBD (model-based definition) and MBE (model-based enterprise) aim to establish a single source of truth for documentation, automate manual workflows, and minimize rework and scrap on the shop floor. These benefits are immediate and compound over time. However, this shift in process and organization necessitates guidance for many large OEMs and their suppliers.

ITI and Capvidia’s partnership will share collective knowledge and decades-long technical expertise, advising companies as they deploy and utilize MBD workflows to drive digital transformation and innovation across departments, factories, and industries.


"ITI and Capvidia share a common vision of providing our customers with best-in-class software solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and innovation," Tony Provencal said, Business Development Director at ITI. "This partnership is a strategic move to combine our collective strengths and knowledge to serve our customers better and offer them enhanced support and services."

Both companies will also share their industry-leading MBD software including CADIQ (CAD validation & revision comparison), MBDVidia (CAD translation & MBD workflow). These software solutions enable companies to publish and validate digital modeling standards such as QIF and STEP AP242.

"Capvidia is excited to collaborate with a top company like ITI in building MBD implementations with our customers,” Daniel Campbell, VP of MBD at Capvidia said. “The value of a transition to MBD is easy to establish but can be a tough journey. This alliance between MBE leaders will greatly benefit the end users implementing the digital thread.”

About ITI, a Wipro company
ITI specializes in conversion, integration, validation and migration solutions for product data and related systems. Our customers recognize the value of having a trusted solution partner that provides more than just software. ITI solves complex product data interoperability problems so that the world’s leading manufacturers can focus on making great products. In 2019 ITI became a wholly owned subsidiary of Wipro Limited, a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services company. ITI operates within the Wipro Engineering business that provides customers with a platform to innovate and engineer the next generation of products and platforms at scale.

About Capvidia
Capvidia provides True MBD (model-based definition). Model-based definition (MBD) is the practice of having the 3D CAD model become the authoritative information source for a product's lifecycle. This is done by including semantic product manufacturing information (PMI) within the 3D CAD model that is both human and machine-readable. Innovators in digital manufacturing have seen double-digital productivity gains (up to 20%) with the adoption of model-based workflows.

Time is money. Elevate your workflow.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Well, that works when competitors are also riding horses...until the car appears. MBD is the future, and it's here.

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