Model Based Definition (MBD) for Boeing: D6-51991 Supplier Quality Approval

Posted on 20 Jul 2020 by Jimmy Nguyen

For Boeing suppliers and sub-tier suppliers addressing Boeing Digital Product Definition (DPD) standards can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, Capvidia is a leader in Boeing DPD and is here to answer some of your important questions. Let's begin.


MBD First Article Inspection: Next Generation FAI Report

Posted on 02 Jul 2020 by Jimmy Nguyen

What is First Article Inspection (FAI)?

FAI is an official design inspection that verifies a manufacturing process that can reliably and repeatedly produce a part or set of parts for mass production.


MBD (Model-Based Definition): 2020 Edition

Posted on 05 Jun 2020 by Jimmy Nguyen

Table of Contents

  1. What is MBD (Model-based Definition)?
  2. Why is MBD important?
  3. MBD Benefits & Advantages
  4. MBD Disadvantages
  5. How to Implement MBD
  6. MBD Resources


Best STEP File to Use: AP203 vs AP214 vs AP242

Posted on 20 Apr 2020 by Jimmy Nguyen

What is a STEP file?

STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Data) is a neutral-format 3D CAD file that is interoperable between different CAD programs such as SolidWorks, Creo PTC, Siemens NX, CATIA, Autodesk, and others.


What is PMI (Product Manufacturing Information)?

Posted on 16 Mar 2020 by Jimmy Nguyen


Product manufacturing information (PMI) is essential engineering or manufacturing information embedded within a 3D CAD file. It is governed by ASME and ISO industry standards.

PMI may include the following information:


Measuring The Benefits of The Digital Twin [Podcast]

Posted on 23 Jan 2020 by Jimmy Nguyen

Daniel Campbell, Director of business development at Capvidia, joins Digital Enterprise Society's Thom Singer and Craig Brown for an interview about Measuring The Benefits of The Digital Twin.

Digital Enterprise Society is an industry-leading...


3D CAD Translation: Importing & Exporting The Right Format

Posted on 17 Jan 2020 by Jimmy Nguyen

With over dozens of CAD software and an equal amount of CAD file types, importing & exporting the right format helps tremendously when it comes to data integrity and minimizing errors & rework.

This is especially true for downstream applications...


Digital Product Definition (DPD) Approval: Getting to Yes

Posted on 08 Jan 2020 by Jimmy Nguyen

For Boeing suppliers, sub-tier suppliers, and other aerospace suppliers, meeting DPD (digital product definition) requirements can feel like jumping down one long rabbit hole, especially when dealing with a lack of definition information.



Top 7 Neutral 3D CAD File Formats

Posted on 11 Nov 2019 by Jimmy Nguyen

CAD (computer-aided design) files are digital files that house 3D & 2D designs as well as information regarding materials, processes, tolerances, and other data.

From design to production, everything begins with the CAD file.


QIF (Quality Information Framework): Definitive Guide

Posted on 17 Oct 2019 by Jimmy Nguyen

Table of Contents