FormatWorks for SolidWorks

MBD Tools for SolidWorks

Import data, validate translations, verify model quality, and publish MBD data directly from within SolidWorks.

Publish QIF and STEP AP242.

Publish SolidWorks models to neutral industry-standard MBD formats such as STEP AP242 and QIF. Export to ANSI QIF or ISO STEP AP242 transforms the model, and its annotations, into a neutral industry-standard MBD-compatible format, for use in downstream processes. Uses best in class translation technology, to create well-structured semantically correct data files.

Import and repair CAD data directly inside of SolidWorks.
Capvidia’s FormatWorks importer for SolidWorks has been the premier tool for importing CAD data into SolidWorks since 2002. 
FormatWorks provides validated and trusted translation of CAD models from a wide range of data formats, including native formats used by popular CAD systems, and neutral industry-standard formats. FormatWorks automatically identifies and classifies model errors, and supports both manual and automatic repair and healing.