MBDVidia gives you the power to unlock your 3D CAD/MBD models to drive downstream product development activities, all without requiring a CAD license or expensive, complex integrations.

MBDVidia opens CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, and Creo models in their native formats, preserving their structure and semantics. Once open, you can interactively view and explore the model, graphically and through a structure tree. You can validate your PMI, correcting many types of errors, then automatically create balloons for all PMI objects, and generate a fully populated Bill of Characteristics (BoC) table. Visually revise PMI priorities and criticalities, add annotations, and automatically generate an optimal set of views.

When you're ready, export everything to an Excel spreadsheet (dynamically linked to your original CAD model) or to the popular Net-Inspect service. Publish preformatted reports in PDF, then save your model in ANSI QIF (Quality Information Framework) for use in quality inspection or other downstream processes.

MBDVidia is designed to make it easy for you to use, and reuse, your valuable CAD data. By carefully mirroring the semantics and geometric/topological structure used by your CAD system, and building traceability and validation criteria into the heart of its architecture, MBDVidia transforms the concept of a “digital thread” from wishful thinking to reality.

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