Your Authority CAD model effortlessly flowing downstream


True MBD Software: Create 3D CAD + PMI that is human & machine-readable.

Quick Overview:

  • Export QIF & STEP AP242
  • Create Automatic First Article Inspection & Other Reports
  • Bring Measurement Data into the MBD
  • Enabler for Faster CMM Inspection
  • MBD Ready Check

Supports all Major CAD formats:
CATIA, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge, STEP AP242, QIF, STEP AP203/214, ACIS, Parasolid, JT, IGES, VDAFS, DXF, DWG, STL, VRML, and much more.

Start Your Digital Transformation:

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Why MBDVidia?


Increased Inspection Quality: 
Rely on an automated, structured process.

Bring Data Back Into Digital Thread:
Import precious data beyond PASS/FAIL back into MBD.


First Article Inspection Automation: 
100% automated workflow with a couple of clicks. Export to Excel easily.

Reuse Your PMI:
With MBD Ready Check, make sure your PMI is machine-readable and drive downstream automation.


Reduce Inspection Costs: 
Stop manually entering GD&T–automation saves time & money.

Lower risk for transcription & interpretation errors:
Free from human reading, typing, and validation errors.

How It Works:

1. First Article Inspection

20190905 MBDVidia - FAI from MBD
  • Export QIF model from your CAD system.
  • View Bill of Characteristics (BoC) in MBDVidia.
  • Export your First Article Inspection (FAI) report, capability study, control plan, or other report type.
  • Import results back to QIF for to close loop back to the design model–true MBD!

2. MBD Ready Check: Heal Your PMI for CMM, CAM, and other downstream semantic workflows.

3. View Any MBD Data: Support for any CAD and PMI format.

4. And Many More Features: Empower your MBD transformation!

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