Reliable Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation:

Calculate task-specific measurement uncertainties for CMM measurements.

Predictive Analysis:

Identify potential issues before actual measurements are made and before product designs are finalized. 

Improved Inspection Planning:

Identify gaps in the inspection process. Universally accessible and traceable data. Helps meet ISOO 17025 requirements. 


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MBD-Based Advanced Uncertainty Modeling:

Model your part geometry (CAD), PMI/GD&T, sampling patterns, manufacturing signatures, and measurement systems in order to determine your measurement uncertainty.



Capture Repeatability and Bias

Uses the CAD model (MBD) to assess both measurement bias and measurement variability. It’s more than just Gage R&R. Does not require integration with other CMM software.



Virtually Measured Part

Not reliant on any physical part. Provide quick insights before you even start cutting metal.



Optimize Your CMM Program

Play with different measurement strategies in order to achieve lower measurement uncertainties. Predict measurement uncertainties for a variety of CMMs and probing configurations. Find flaws in the GD&T assigned to the part. 



Resolve Conflicts:

Have objective criteria to settle any measurement arguments with a customer, supplier, or auditor. 

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Why Pundit?

Process Driven

Process Driven

  • Process over personnel:

    Rely on objective criteria for your measurement plan, not human “expertise”.

  • Full traceability:

    Have full confidence that your measurement results are accurate and that your part meets specifications.



  • Identify issues before production:

    Save time & money when catching potential problems before first article and finalized product designs.

  • Get the most out of your CMM:

    Your high precision CMM is expensive. Make sure you are getting the most out of it. 



  • MBD-enabled:

    Simulation and Digital Twin are a key part of MBE. So is Pundit.

  • Valuable data for insights:

    Start to view your quality department as a value center, as opposed to a cost center

Capvidia is about all things MBD: Evolutionary steps to revolutionary changes.


Capvidia is your partner and source for the best MBD practices in Industry 4.0. 

We're the ground-floor, roll-up-your-sleeves company, so we work directly with CAD engineers & designers as they transform their work, department, or company into MBD/MBE. 

Personnel focus. Process focus. ROI-driven focus.

Our MBD specialties:

  • 1. PLM integration, measurement data harvesting & digital twin.
  • 2. Metrology and CMM automation.
  • 3. Derivative model validation & CAD revision comparison
  • 4. Inspection reporting (FAI, PPAP, etc.)
  • 5. Pilot projects & more!

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    Frequently Asked

  • Which industries use Pundit?

    Aerospace, automotive, defense, heavy industry. Anyone who has to meet tight tolerances.

  • Does Pundit connect to my CMM or CMM software?

    No, Pundit run 100% independently from your CMM hardware or software. This is virtual simulation.

  • Does Pundit support MBD data?

    Yes, Pundit is a leader in support for the QIF and STEP AP242 standards. Pundit in an MBE environment is where it best shines. Advanced quality enterprises tie together native CAD, MBDVidia, Pundit, CompareVidia, and their MBD-enabled CMM software tools to create a well-oiled machine.

  • Why is measurement uncertainty important?

    The ISO VIM states that each measured result must have a stated measurement uncertainty (ISO VIM section 6.10). If you can’t reliably state your measurement uncertainties, then you can’t reliably say that your measurement is correctly within tolerance.

  • How can Pundit help me with my real CMM measurement issues?

    If you are facing a particularly challenging measurement problem, Pundit can help you find the “weak link” in your system. Sometimes you don’t need to buy a new CMM – maybe a different sampling pattern would do or a upgraded probe. Or, if you are in the market for a new CMM, Pundit can help you with procurement. Pundit will be able to help choose the right CMM for your needs, without going overboard on cost.

  • Can Pundit help with training new CMM operators?

    Absolutely! Pundit is a great tool for letting CMM operators experiment with different CMM scenarios without needing to tie up a valuable CMM, and even without needing a real part to measure! Experimentation is essential to learning.

  • Where does Pundit technology come from?

    Pundit’s core simulation technology was originally developed by NIST as a way of assessing measurement uncertainties with readily available data, like CMM and probe performance test results. Developed by Metrosage in cooperation with NIST, Pundit has been a leader in the field of measurement uncertainty for more than 20 years.

  • What influence quantities does the Pundit simulation take into account?

    Pundit takes all the major contributors to CMM measurement error into account: CMM errors, probing errors, part geometry, GD&T, feature form errors (manufacturing signatures), sampling patterns, fitting algorithm choice, and environmental factors. Sometimes these error sources collude to cause a particularly nasty measurement scenario – Pundit takes that into account too.

  • Has the Pundit simulation been validated against real measurement experiments?

    Yes, Pundit has undergone lots of validation, both in published studies and privately by Pundit users. We would be happy to share this data with you. Contact us.


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Capvidia focuses on true MBD workflows: 3D CAD translation & validation featuring MBD CAD with semantic PMI that is human & machine-readable for downstream use from design to manufacturing. 

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