CompareVidiaCompareVidia is a specialized application for comparing and validating 3D CAD models. It detects and identifies even the smallest errors or changes in geometry, topology, and annotation (including PMI), letting you reuse your CAD data with complete confidence.

CompareVidia works by comparing a check model against an authority model, using multiple comparison algorithms, selected based on predefined validation criteria. It provides a global pass/fail indication, as well as detailed information on all model differences, presented graphically on the check model, and in a structured tree form. It can automatically generate traceable reports to digitally certify compliance with quality criteria (such as Boeing’s D6-51991 “Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition”), in formats such as text, HTML, QIF, PDF, and PPT.

CompareVidia can be used to validate a wide variety of model types, including translated models, remastered models, derivative models prepared for manufacturing, models created by suppliers, additive manufacturing models, and CMM point files collected from physical models (for first-article inspection.)
CAD validation is an important element in ISO standard quality procedures. CompareVidia adds trust and traceability to workflows based on the exchange of 3D CAD and MBD data.

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