3D CAD Neutral File:

Export to QIF and STEP AP242 for multi-CAD, multi-use interoperability.

Import Native MBD Geometry:

From CATIA, Creo, NX, QIF, STEP AP242, and more.

True MBD:

Use MBD CAD data for downstream manufacturing and inspection software.


See what FormatWorks does:



True MBD CAD-Neutral Export

Publish a QIF or STEP AP242 model directly from SOLIDWORKS.

Multi-CAD interoperability throughout the digital thread and workflow. Compatible with SOLIDWORKS 2018, 2019, and 2020.



Import Native MBD Geometry

From CATIA, Creo, NX, QIF, STEP AP242 and more.



Make Your PMI Machine-Readable

Machine-readable PMI enables downstream processes in manufacturing to quality.



Open the Door to MBD

Endless possibilities with MBD: Automated FAI and CMM. Harvest measurement data. Import measurement results back into MBD model for improved product and business insights.



Capvidia Priority Support

Second to none in personal support. We don't sell software; we provide solutions no matter how big or small.

Request a trial evaluation with FormatWorks:

FormatWorks enables MBD workflows directly from your SOLIDWORKS software. Request a trial evaluation and start your digital transformation journey today.

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Why FormatWork for SOLIDWORKS



  • Increased Inspection Quality

    Rely on an automated, structured process.

  • Bring Data Back into Digital Thread

    Import precious data beyond PASS/FAIL back into MBD.



  • First Article Inspection Automation

    100% automated workflow with a couple of clicks. Export to Excel easily.

  • Reuse Your PMI

    With MBD ready check, make sure your PMI is machine readable to drive downstream automation.



  • Reduce Inspection Costs

    Stop manually entering GD&T- automation saves time & money.

  • Lower Risk for Transcription & Interpretation Errors

    Free from human reading, typing, and validation errors.

More Than CAD Translation: It’s About MBD CAD Models & Digital Transformation In The 21st Century.


Capvidia is your partner and source for the best MBD practices in Industry 4.0. 

We're the ground-floor, roll-up-your-sleeves company, so we work directly with CAD engineers & designers as they transform their work, department, or company into MBD/MBE. 

Personnel focus. Process focus. ROI-driven focus.

Our MBD specialties:

  • 1. PLM integration, measurement data harvesting & digital twin.
  • 2. Metrology and CMM automation.
  • 3. Derivative model validation & CAD revision comparison
  • 4. Inspection reporting (FAI, PPAP, etc.)
  • 5. Pilot projects & more!

You're busy and limited on time & resources.
Capvidia provides personal attention to detail to get the job done.

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Consulting & Ownership

Some sell software, others sell services. We provide solutions, period. From CAD to CAD, CAM, CAE, CMM, and other software, we assist you in getting complete file interoperability throughout the process– most importantly, RESULTS.

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For You Support

When you call or email us, we’re fast to respond. It’s always nice to have a Robin to your Batman, right?

Updated Software

We are partners with major CAD vendors to ensure consistent performance of MBDVidia 24/7. We’re always current & on top of the latest trends.

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    Frequently Asked

  • Which CAD file formats export from FormatWorks?

    QIF and STEP AP 203, 214, and 242.

  • Can I generate FAI, PPAP, or other inspection forms with FormatWorks?

    No, FormatWorks does not generate inspection forms. MBDVidia is a standalone software that does this.

  • What's the difference FormatWorks and MBDVidia?

    FormatWorks allows for exporting in QIF and STEP AP242.

    MBDVidia is a standalone software that exports QIF and STEP AP242 and also MBD workflows such as MBD first article inspection and PMI healing.

  • What is MBD and semantic PMI?

    Model-based definition (MBD) is the practice of embedding 3D annotations aka semantic PMI into the 3D model itself. It's the next evolution as the industry transitions away from 2D drawings and into human & machine-readable 3D models.

  • Moving to MBD is tough. How can I make that jump?

    Start small and on the ground floor. Don't try to boil the ocean. Find a manageable pilot project and measure ROI. Optimize then expand.


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Capvidia focuses on true MBD workflows: 3D CAD translation & validation featuring MBD CAD with semantic PMI that is human & machine-readable for downstream use from design to manufacturing. 

With one single source of truth, interoperable data is shared among different teams, partners, and personnel with their current systems (CAD, CAM, CMM, etc.) powering automation, AI, and Big Data insights. 

We've been trusted for over 26 years pertaining to all things CAD software.

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