Leuven, Belgium, August 16, 2016 – Capvidia announces the release of MBDVidia 3.5, extended for metrology applications. MBDVidia opens all major native CAD data formats and supports fully annotated MBD models. Users can now access the PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) without a costly license for a native CAD system. The PMI is automatically tagged (a.k.a., “numbered”, “ballooned”) in MBDVidia, organized in a BoC (Bill of Characteristics), and presented in a table.

Using the Bill of Characteristics, MBDVidia users can now generate First Article Inspection standard documents automatically. This includes support for the AS9102 First Article Inspection document so important to the aerospace industry. MBDVidia provides a ready-to-use AS9102 template in Excel format, allowing the data to be made available to anyone in a universally recognized file format.

Completing a FAI form by hand can be extremely costly, both in terms of the time spent filling out the document, and in terms of the likelihood of manual transcription errors. MBDVidia allows the user to leverage the PMI annotations by automatically generating inspection report documents at the click of a button. Using PMI means eliminating data re-entry; and eliminating data re-entry means a giant boost to productivity, and the elimination of errors.

Gone are the days of relying on balloon numbers and 2D drawings to understand and analyze your data. MBDVidia communicates with the FAI document in Excel, and will highlight each characteristic on the 3D model as an item is selected in Excel. Even inspection results in the FAI form can be visualized in MBDVidia. When the user selects a Tolerance in the Excel FAI form, MBDVidia will highlight that Tolerance & Feature and display the recorded inspection results in the MBDVidia 3D model.  This allows the user to view the tabulated data in the Excel spreadsheet and understand its context in the 3D model.

MBDVidia now makes it easier to access and share your MBD data with these new features:

  • Extraction of Bill of Characteristics from CAD model with GD&T annotations
  • Automatic generation of inspection forms in Microsoft Excel format, including the AS9102 form ubiquitous in the aerospace industry
  • Cross-highlighting between MBDVidia and Excel
  • Sharing of inspection results between Excel and MBDVidia; display of inspection results on 3D model in MBDVidia
  • Selective export of Bill of Characteristics: export only a subset of Tolerances, filtered by their assigned criticality level
  • MBDVidia supports the full range of CAD formats; see the full

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