3DTransVidia3DTransVidia provides precise CAD data translation and repair for multi-vendor CAD/CAM environments, ensuring full CAD data integrity.

3DTransVidia is a sophisticated interoperability application that gives you the power to reliably and confidently reuse your 3D CAD models in exactly the ways that meet your needs. 

3DTransVidia starts by reading your 3D model data in native, neutral, or standard format. Then, it identifies, repairs, and heals errors; resolves incompatibilities; optimizes it for its intended use; translates it to the format you need; and verifies it to meet standard or user-defined data quality criteria. 

While traditional CAD translation applications support parametric (NURBS) CAD data, 3DTransVidia also supports analytic entity data, PMI, GD&T, and FT&A (e.g., Model-Based Definition) data, triangulated mesh (e.g. additive manufacturing) data, and point cloud (e.g. 3D scanned) data.  And, in each case, it lets you optimize the data, based on your needs. For example: 

  • Creating, merging, trimming, splitting, and fitting surfaces
  • Converting complex surfaces into analytic entities
  • Creating construction B-Reps to support CAD re-mastering
  • Interactively editing PMI information
  • Smoothing or re-triangulating meshes
  • Conversion of meshes to parametric surfaces and solids, with feature recognition
  • Creation of meshes and feature-based solids from point clouds

3DTransVidia goes far beyond CAD translation; it is a tool for creating a wide variety of derivative model types, each traceable and validateable to your authority 3D (master model) dataset, and suitable for use in design, manufacturing, quality, service, and Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) workflows.

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