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Aero-Plastics, Inc in Renton, Washington is a leading supplier to the aerospace industry. They have been in business for over 50 years. They are a contract manufacturer specializing in CNC Machining and Injection Molding providing high quality, precision metallic and plastic components and assemblies. Their commitment to quality has lead to customer loyalty as well as numerous awards and certifications. In 2009 Aero-Plastics received the Supplier Excellence Award from Boeing and GE Aviation. When asked to meet Boeing D6-51991 compliance, Aero-Plastics chose Capvidia’s CompareVidia product for data translation validation.

CompareVidia allows aerospace suppliers to easily compare and validate their CAD models. You simply load the Authority File (3D model you received) and the Check File (3D model derivative resulting from your internal translation) and compare them. Results are immediately given as either Pass or Fail. The results can then be saved to a report and printed to provide a validation certificate.

The validation details are organized and presented in the Compare Tree. Problematic entities are grouped to different categories and can be easily examined with a simple mouse click. Authority and Check models are displayed in synchronized windows to simplify the investigation of the differences.

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Simple, Easy Validation Process

Aero-Plastics uses SolidWorks and Edgecam in their programming department. The data they receive comes from different CAD sources. When the data is translated into SolidWorks or Edgecam, it has to be validated. To validate this translation they read the authority data set (from their customer) and check file (from SolidWorks or Edgecam) into CompareVidia. With the click of a button they get an immediate pass or fail result.

"We chose CompareVidia because it is extremely simple to use. The results are easy to interpret and well organized. You don’t have to be a CAD expert to validate data translations," said Mike Brown, General Manager of Aero-Plastics, "We are very happy with this product."


"Our validation solution is unique because it does not require a CAD system like some of the other products on the market. We have our own proprietary kernel which allows us to be a truly independent source for validation. It also allows us to keep our product extremely affordable. We don’t have the pass along the cost of a CAD system to our customers,"
 said Lyle Fischer, Technical Marketing Director of Capvidia.

About Aero-Plastics, Inc – Renton, Wash

Aero-Plastics, Inc., is a company recognized for excellence by every measure. They supply the aerospace, medical device, biotech, marine and other commercial industries with nonmetallic and metallic machined and injection molded parts. The company has been a Boeing supplier since 1960 and also was named Supplier of the Year in 1993. “World class quality and delivery levels are a result of building quality into your products. CompareVidia is an excellent upstream tool that certainly contributes to this philosophy,” said Mike Brown, General Manager at Aero-Plastics Inc. 
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