CAD Data Translation Services

CAD Data Translation Services

Our CAD data translation services are extremely easy to use. Simply follow this process to get a free quote:

  1. Send problematic CAD data to our safe, secure drop box:
  2. Write a short description specifying the translation requirements.
  3. Specify the output format for your CAD system.

We'll investigate the data and show you the results within 24 hours and the cost before you purchase. If additional requirements are needed, we'll get online with you to make sure we understand your request correctly so that we can offer you the optimal solution.

Other Services

We also offer other specialized services:

  • Repair of CATIA V4 models (creation of valid skins, volumes, solids, etc,) without changing the original CATIA V4 layer structure and entity definition
  • CATIA V4 to V5 translation
  • Feature-to-feature translation (from any CAD system to SolidWorks)
  • Large distance offset generation (automotive die design)
  • Reverse engineering