Ask The MBD Experts (Q&A): From Design to Manufacturing


Date: Webinar - On Demand (Register and email with links will be sent to you!)


We've gathered an all-star team of MBD experts with diverse skillsets and industries ranging from industrial OEMs to advance aerospace supplier to technology partners to answer your MBD-related questions from design to manufacturing. Over 30+ questions answered live or in document. 


In this hour-long Q&A webinar, our MBD panelists will answer your questions pertaining to some of the following MBD topics:

  • What is MBD and MBE?
  • What are the benefits of MBD?
  • Is GD&T important?
  • Recommendations for implementing MBD.
  • Biggest challenges and lessons learned.

A link to the recording of the webinar and attendee Q&A will be sent to your email, so register today!