Publish MBD Data

Publish MBD DataPublish native CAD models to neutral, industry-standard Model Based Definition (MBD) formats such as STEP AP242 and QIF.

To maximize automation of manufacturing and inspection software systems, they need to be provided access to the model’s PMI. This is what defines the form, fit, and function of the product — and without PMI, this needs to be entered manually. Manual entry of this data is costly, time-consuming, and prone to human transcription or interpretation errors. 

How can this critical PMI information be transmitted from the locked-up CAD format to downstream software? Enter industry-standard formats like STEP AP242 and ANSI QIF. These data formats are industry-standard, MBD-compatible formats, which will allow for the direct machine-to-machine interface so crucial to process automation. 

Exporting to industry-standard MBD formats is the first step of a digital manufacturing enterprise process. Capvidia provides the best-in-class translation technology to create well-structured and semantically correct data files in these MBD standard formats. 

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