FlowVision is a complete, integrated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software developed by the collaboration of Capvidia (Belgium) and TESIS (Russia). The basic algorithms making up FlowVision’s skeleton were developed in late 90’s at the Russian Academy of Science.

Its flexible workflow focuses on solving physical problems rather than focusing on mesh generation. With the advantage of Cartesian grid approach, meshing is completely parametric and forms an integral part of the solver while leaving full control to the hands of the user. FlowVision's robust and user-friendly design has made it a successfully utilized software in the most demanding design activities across various industries and countries.

Thanks to its unique capabilities and powerful solver (a single integrated solver for all Mach numbers) accompanied with the high levels of flexibility and usability, FlowVision turns into an intensely convenient optimization tool for your engineering design approaches. Additionally, FlowVision is readily integrated into mathematical optimization loops in conjunction with 3rd party software (such as MPCCI) and CAD tools based on parameterized design data.

The collaboration with Abaqus (SIMULIA) has flourished and resulted in a seamless pair of software that has been a pioneer in solving challenging FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction) problems for 12 years; without the necessity for any 3rd party software, challenging FSI problems could be tackled with ease.

FlowVision has been commercially used for more than 25 years and continues to address a wide range of applications, seeking unique solutions that aren't possible with traditional CFD products.

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