Capvidia provides software solutions for 3D CAD/CAM/CMM data interoperability and CFD simulation
to simplify processes, increase quality and reduce costs

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May 19 2015 – Capvidia Empowers Model Based Definition (MBD)
Leuven, Belgium, May 19, 2015
– Capvidia announced support for STEP AP 242 standardized 3-D models to exchange information across design and manufacturing in one seamless “digital thread.” STEP AP 242 is the new international standard for incorporating product and manufacturing information (PMI) into 3D models for downstream use.
STEP AP 242 with its embedded data and instructions helps downstream users understand and improve manufacturing and inspection processes. AP 242 differs from other STEP standards because it retains geometric and dimensional tolerance information, as well as actionable specifications for materials, surface texture, process notes, finish requirements, and other information. This value-added collaboration is expected to reduce cycle times, costs, avoid duplication of effort, and lower the risk of errors, while increasing part yields and quality.

Capvidia Core Competencies

  • CAD Data Translation
  • CAD Validation & Quality Assessment
  • Model Based Definition (MBD)
  • Product Life Cycle Integration
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation and Optimization

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Company Mission

"Innovate engineering software applications by excelling in software development and engineering services."


Capvidia to attend SIMULIA Community Conference

Capvidia to attend SIMULIA Community Conference

On the agenda "Simulating Strongly Coupled Fluid-Structure Interactions using Abaqus and FlowVision"

FlowVision is a universal CFD code for solving wide range of industrial, medical and life science…