Capvidia joins the SIMULIA “Living Heart Project” to contribute with the CFD simulation.

Living Heart Project introThe Living Heart project has been initialized by SIMULIA Dassault Systems ( involves a consortium of companies, cardiovascular researchers, educators, leading software developers, medical device manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and practicing cardiologists in order to achieve a realistic simulation of 3D human heart model.

The FE model created in this project is the second generation with increased accuracy to mimic the electrical, mechanical and flow behaviors of a complete human heart. Hence, this multidisciplinary model should help to increase the understanding and to better combat cardiovascular problems.

The emphasis is to open new frontiers in diagnosing, treating and preventing heart diseases. Creating a realistic model of a beating heart, we desire that one day the medical professionals shall be able to diagnose and treat patients based on the computer simulation results. These models can serve as core technology base for education and training, medical device design, testing and regulatory processes thereby creating a path for rapidly translating cutting edge innovations into improved patient care. 

Capvidia´s contribution to this project is the CFD simulation part.


The Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium announces that the QIF v1.0 (Quality Information Framework) draft standard is now available for public review in the ANSI weekly publication called Standards Action.  To participate in the formal ANSI public review and comment process, please go to for more information.  The public review period is from September 20, 2013, to November 4, 2013.

Capvidia Core Competencies

  • CAD Data Translation
  • CAD Validation & Quality Assessment
  • Model Based Definition (MBD)
  • Product Life Cycle Integration
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation and Optimization

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Company Mission

"Innovate engineering software applications by excelling in software development and engineering services."


Capvidia at IMTS 2014

Capvidia at IMTS 2014

September 8-13, 2014 at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

Capvidia participates in the QIF V2.0 Draft Standard demonstration as part of the Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium, Inc. (DMSC)